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NBA Browser Extension

The best NBA browser extension! Never miss a game again.

If anyone want to check it out, you can get them here.

This is a browser extension to view box scores for NBA games. You can see live scores, standings, play-by-play updates, and highlights with just one click.

I started this project back in 2016 when I was in university. I had been watching the NBA for a while and never had a reliable source for box score updates. The official NBA website was clunky, and ESPN covered too many other sports. I simply wanted a clean interface to show me which teams were playing and the scores. Eventually, I thought, why not create it myself?

The project eventually evolved to include many more features than I had originally imagined. Now, it provides box scores for each game, standings, playoff standings, and the ability to view games from different dates. I even added a feature that provides highlight videos from the NBA’s official YouTube channel for each game.


  • Games
  • Box scores
  • Play-by-play
  • Standings
  • Playoff rounds
  • Notification for favorite team
  • Dark mode

Nerdy stats #

  • React
  • styled-component
  • AWS
    • Lambda
    • CloudFront
    • DynamoDB
  • Youtube API
  • Chrome-extension
  • Firefox-addon