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Another Weather App

Yet another weather report app
Another weather report

This report uses your ip location from Cloudflare to find the weather report + air quality. This project was created in a time where the city I lived in had severe forest fire. The air quality was terrible for the whole summer. When you step outside, you can feel the ash when you breath in. I wanted to see the air quality of the day to see if I want to go outside.

The weather data is from openweather. They have pretty comprehensive data including air quality which is what I need. After that, I added search for any address location. This was actually quite interesting problem space: reverse geocoding. I ended up using Nominatim.


  • Weather report
  • Air quality report
  • Look up by addresses

The UI is simple, just location and the weather information. Perfectly fits my needs to see it on mobile devices too.

Screenshot #

A screenshot of the alert(1)